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Panettone and Pasta Madre e-book by Simpel Sourdough

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E-book - Panettone and Pasta Madre full recipes and instructions by Simpel Sourdough January 2024

From the beginning of our sourdough exploration, the dream to master the intricate art of panettone has fueled our journey. "Mastering Panettone and Pasta Madre" stands as a testament to our dedication, providing a simplified yet comprehensive guide to a cake often deemed very theoretical, (almost religious :-D) and difficult to master. We have cut away things that we find unnecessary and confusing to get started on this journey.

In this e-book you will find:

Why Panettone Endures:
Delve into the secrets behind panettone's enduring freshness, where natural fermentation, rich ingredients, and meticulous packaging converge to create a masterpiece.

Pasta Madre maintenance and preparation:
Transition from liquid sourdough to a dry starter with detailed insights into temperature control, leaven maturity, and pH balance.

Panettone Tools & Ingredients:
Explore the indispensable tools and premium ingredients needed for panettone perfection. From proofing boxes to specialized flours, understand the nuances of butter, egg yolks, and delightful additions.

Panettone Recipe - In 6 Steps:
Embark on a six-step odyssey, navigating through pasta madre preparation to the final dough baking process. Whether opting for chocolate or traditional candied fruits, our versatile recipe is designed to suit your taste.

Mixing Technique:
Master the art of mixing with detailed techniques for both the first and second dough. Achieve a silky-smooth texture through carefully adjusted hydration.

Baking Panettone - A Culinary Symphony:
Unlock the symphony of panettone baking, from preheating the oven to achieving the perfect core temperature. Learn the intricacies of this beloved cake in a step-by-step guide.

After purchase the e-book will be sent on the purchase e-mail. The purchase will grant access to both the English and Danish version of this e-book.

Panettone and Pasta Madre e-book by Simpel Sourdough
Panettone and Pasta Madre e-book by Simpel Sourdough Salgspris99.00 DKK