Sourdough Crackers

Crackers with sourdough

Recipe (suitable for 2 times filled baking paper)
100g flaxseed
100g sunflower seeds
100g pumpkin seeds
100g sesame
50g oatmeal
100g oil
200g water
6g salt
100g rye flour (gluten-free flour or other types of flour also work)
200g sourdough (here you can easily use excess sourdough, also called discard)

Stir the ingredients together and spread them thinly on a baking paper.
You can cut them a little too, so that they are easier to break off when they are done baking.
Use e.g. a pizza slicer for the purpose.

The crispbreads are baked in the oven at 170 degrees for 10-15 minutes until golden and crispy.

We can also highly recommend the sourdough crispbread from another sourdough and food nerd namely Foodgeek, on this page there is also a story about the history of crispbread and a different type of recipe for crispbread with sourdough with oatmeal. You can find a lot of inspiration for sourdough baking and the recipe right here: Foodgeek recipes and inspiration
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