Sweet Cardamom Buns

Sweet Cardamom Buns

Hot wheat sourdough also called wheat buds made on sourdough for Great Day of Prayer

Wheat flour 370g
Spelled flour 30g
Water 260g (Here you can also use milk)
Sugar 40g (Added as we knead the sourdough into our dough)
Salt 10g
Dry 50% starter sourdough (whole glass) 175g (see how in video)
Cardamom capsules 6 whole

Course of action
Start by preparing your sourdough well in advance. This can be conveniently done the day before. In the video on the link below, the dough is made by hand. However, you can easily stir the recipe together on a mixer.
Weigh each bun and place them in a greased dish. Then let them rise and grow together. When they have grown 30-40% in volume, they are ready to be baked.

The oven is heated to 240 degrees. Throw the dish with the buns in the oven and turn down to 220 degrees. The buns are baked for 18-25 minutes, depending on how good an oven you have.

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