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Simpel Sourdough located at Fischers Plads 2B, 8800 Viborg, Denmark is founded by AnneSofie and Peter, is a passionate sourdough baking project based in Viborg, Denmark. We bring people together through the joy of artisanal bread and pastries, promoting the art of sourdough baking worldwide. Our mission is to unite sourdough baking enthusiasts by providing top-quality baking tools, high-quality flour, and comprehensive education.

At Simpel Sourdough, AnneSofie and Peter offer live sourdough courses for individuals and institutions, designed to empower both beginners and advanced bakers. Their courses provide in-depth instruction in sourdough baking techniques, fostering creativity and ensuring exceptional results. They strive to be the ultimate resource for sourdough enthusiasts globally.

Located in Viborg, their physical bakery and coffee bar at Fischers Plads 2 create a unique and inviting space for customers to savor their renowned bread, celebrated as some of the best in the world. The ambiance reflects their dedication to the art of sourdough baking and enhances the overall experience for their valued customers.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of AnneSofie and Peter's values. They are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that every customer has an unforgettable experience. Their passion for quality and customer satisfaction has garnered high ratings and positive reviews, solidifying their reputation as sourdough baking experts.

Simpel Sourdough strives to be a global inspiration in the sourdough baking community. With AnneSofie and Peter's expertise, they are dedicated to spreading the love for sourdough baking, inspiring bakers worldwide, and fostering a vibrant community.