Flour and Grains

Flour and Grains

Flours and Grains used by us

Discover the exceptional taste and quality of our organic flours and grains for sale. Carefully crafted with the finest organic crops and grains sourced from the best farmers in Denmark such as pioneers "Kornby Mølle" and "Mejnerts Mølle". We take pride in our partnership with Mejnerts Mill, a family-run organic farm located in the west of Zealand, known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

At Mejnerts Mill, the focus is on producing and distributing healthy, organic foods. As part of their "From soil to mouth" philosophy, they play a crucial role in our sourdough bread production. By cultivating their own crops and ensuring every step of the process is environmentally friendly, they help us maintain the highest quality standards for our bread.

One of the key aspects of sustainability at Mejnerts Mill is their use of 1500 solar panels installed on the roofs of their agricultural buildings. These panels generate electricity to power the mill's production operations. In addition, the waste products from the milling process are efficiently utilized in a large stoker, providing the necessary heat for the buildings and the grain dryer. This full-circle approach to production minimizes waste and emphasizes their commitment to sustainability.

To preserve the extraordinary taste and baking characteristics of the grain, Mejnerts Mill follows traditional cold stone-milling techniques. This method minimizes heat development during the grinding process, ensuring that the essential vitamins, proteins, germ, and husk of the grain remain intact. By preserving these elements, our organic sourdough bread gains its distinctive flavor, nutrient content, and structure.


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