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Article: Sourdough Pizza

Sourdough Pizza

Sourdough Pizza

Recipe for pizza dough - enough for 2 pizzas

300g flour (eg tipo 00)
60g active sourdough at its peak
180g water
8g salt

This pizza dough has a hydration of approx. 63% - this also means that it is very friendly to work with.

Mix all the ingredients together and leave the dough to rise for a few hours at room temperature and then in the fridge - preferably until the next day.

No sourdough?
Your pizza can be made with yeast (use 5-10 g.) - follow the same method. The rising time can be reduced, but can also easily ferment in the fridge for up to several days.

Do you want to make a recipe e.g. with pizza sauce you can choose to bake the bottom and sauce off for a minute first.
Then you get your favorite filling on and then things are done at the same time.

Check out our YouTube for steps and great inspiration for pizza fillings.

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Hej. Hvor lang tid inden bagning skal dejen ud af køleskabet?
Hilsen Christian Fredberg

Christian Fredberg

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