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Article: Ryebread with Sourdough

Rugbrød med surdej

Ryebread with Sourdough

Rye bread with sourdough / rye bread without yeast

Recipe for one rye bread:

Day 1

50g flaxseed
50g sunflower seeds
50g sesame seeds
150g cracked or cut rye kernels
175g water
100g sourdough (must be ripe and sour)

Measure out all your ingredients and place in a large bowl or kettle. Place a cloth over and let the mixture stand at room temperature until the next day.

Day 2

150g. rugmel
150g. water
15g. salt
1 tbsp. malt syrup or 2 tbsp. dark syrup

Stir the ingredients from day 1 through and add the rest. Find your greased rye bread tin and put all the dough in it - except one deciliter, which you put in a small glass with a lid. This is your dough for the next time you bake rye bread. The pre-dough is put in the fridge. The rye bread is left to rise in a warm place until it is visibly raised. It typically takes from 2-6 hours.

Bake your rye bread in a 165 degree oven for approx. 1 hour.

Once the bread is baked, take it out of the mold immediately and cool completely on a baking sheet before packing it in a closed bag.

Therefore, your sourdough should be sour and sour for a rye bread:

When one is interested in having sufficient acid in the rye sourdough, it is to protect the starch of the rye during the baking process.
If there is not enough acid present, the starch is converted via enzymes in the starch grain to sugars that cannot be baked through.
After this, there is also not enough starch left in the dough to soak up all the moisture, and the bread will become sticky.

The enzyme that, in the absence of acid, has free play is alpha-amylase, which is able to convert the starch into maltose, a sugar like sugar.
When the concentration becomes too high, it is that the bread becomes more or less sticky, as you can not bake water and sugar.
In extreme cases, what is called a dough edge will occur in the bread. It is a 1-1½ cm high strip of unbaked bread at the bottom of the loaf.

If you love baking your own rye bread, but would like to try more variations, then we can recommend you this recipe for home-baked rye bread with sourdough. The recipe was developed by food blogger Maria Charlotte who also has a great passion for baking with sourdough.



Jeg vil gerne give mig i kast med et rugbrød, men er i tvivl om hvad “fordej” er og om det kan undværes eller ej?

Med venlig hilsen,


Hej med jer,
Jeg har en rugbrød surdej som jeg har ikke brugt i rigtig lang tid… Kan man kalde den moden surdej eller skal aktiveret den før jeg skal i gang med mit rugbrød…
Tak for det og tak for alle de gode videoer i Sander.
Mvh Pascal


Skal brødet bages i1,5 time på 140 grader (video), eller i1 time på 165 grader (opskrift)? Og er det med varmluft eller i alm ovn?
Tak for hjælpen.


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