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Bench Knives

Bench knives

A selection of our handmade bench knives. The bench knives are locally produced by our friend Jan Andersen and made from sustainable wood and highest quality steel. We wanted to make a sourdough tool that was aesthetic, functional, ergonomic and one that doesn't ruin the tables for home bakers as the steel blade has rounded edges and the handle has a fantastic grip in the hand.

The steel is shorter compared to some other bench knives on the market, we did this for a reason: we believe this gives the most dough handling control and dexterity.
See how we use it on our instagram and youtube channel.

A bench knife is used to cut, clean and shape sourdough bread - probably one of the most needed tools in all of artisanal baking.

If you want to take good care of your bench knife you can add a thin layer of cooking oil - such as olive oil or rapeseed oil.  Never soak the bench knife in water or clean it in the dishwasher.

We have sold the bench knives world wide and they are used by both home bakers and professionals. They are super durable and we have stress tested them for half a year before launching. This bench knife can last a lifetime.

Each handmade bench knife is unique in it's own way and we guarantee you will enjoy working with this sourdough tool!

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Product type
Bench Knife (Smoked Oak)Bench Knife (Smoked Oak)
Bench Knife (Smoked Oak) Sale price$44.00 USD
Bench Knife (Oak)Bench Knife (Oak)
Bench Knife (Oak) Sale price$44.00 USD
Bread Lame + Bench Knife - The Smoked Oak SetBread Lame + Bench Knife - The Smoked Oak Set
Bread Lame + Bench Knife - The Oak SetBread Lame + Bench Knife - The Oak Set
Handcrafted gift box for Bread Lames and Bench KnivesHandcrafted gift box for Bread Lames and Bench Knives