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Our mission is to spread the word about good sourdough bread.
To do that, we must only use and sell the finest of products. We want to make this available for the home bakers, as we know this can be hard to come by. These are some of the products that we use ourself in the bakery for an everyday production.

On this page you can buy organic flour from the very best Danish producers.
The flour and grains are well suited for sourdough baking. You can see more details and see how we use them on our instagram and youtube channel.

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Product type
Product type
Kornby Mølle Fine Wheat (Hvedemel nr. 1)
Kornby Mølle Sifted Wheat (Hvedemel nr. 2)
Kornby Mølle Purple Wheat (Purpurhvede nr. 3)
Kornby Mølle Naked Spelt (Ølandshvede nr. 2)
Kornby Mølle Rye (Rugmel nr. 3)
Rice Flour Organic
Rice Flour Organic Sale price$6.00 USD
Polenta FlourPolenta Flour
Polenta Flour Sale price$5.00 USD
Mariager Sydesalt (Local Handmade Seasalt)Mariager Sydesalt (Local Handmade Seasalt)
Mejnerts Mølle Type 00 Wheat Flour (Type 00 Hvedemel)
Mejnerts Mølle Whole Grain Naked Spelt (Fuldkorns Ølandshvede)
Mejnerts Mølle Whole Grain Rye (Fuldkorns Rugmel)
Panettone 10kg - Tipo “00” Manitoba