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Bread Lame Smoked Oak

Sale price329.00 DKK

SIMPEL Sourdough Bread Lame, the essential tool for achieving stunning patterns and optimal oven spring in your sourdough bread. Handcrafted by skilled woodworker Jan Andersen, each bread lame is a unique piece made from sustainable wood sourced from Danish forestry.

The Simpel Sourdough Bread lame features a sharp razor blade that effortlessly scores your dough, allowing it to expand beautifully during baking. When not in use, the concealer function in the wooden handle securely locks the blade, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

To maintain the longevity of your bread lame, simply apply a small amount of neutral cooking oil to the untreated wood. This not only nourishes the wood but also enhances its natural color and texture.

The Simpel Sourdough Bread lame is not a toy and should be kept away from children. We prioritize safety and encourage responsible handling of this essential baking tool. Never soak the bread lame in water or wash in a dishwasher.

Discover the artistry and precision of the Simpel Sourdough Bread lame, also known as the "ridsekniv" in Danish. Visit our website to learn more and enhance your sourdough baking experience.

Bread Lame Smoked Oak
Bread Lame Smoked Oak Sale price329.00 DKK