Bread lame/scoring knife for decoration, smoked oak (short version)

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When it all gets a little more nerdy and the breads need to be decorated.

An indispensable tool in the sourdough process that gives your breads beautiful oven jumps and patterns, after your head.

The scratching knife was developed and handmade by Jan, who is a skilled carpenter and carpenter. Each knife is unique and made of recycled wood from different types of wood.

When the sharp razor blade is not in use, it is easy to hide away, by opening and locking the concealer function in the wood, thus reducing the risk of cutting.

The scratching knife is a little shorter - and cute - compared to the original.

It is recommended to oil the wood over time, so that the shelf life is extended.

What do you get - watch video - CI8GD3mBXKI /