Baking steel

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Ronni - our baking steel expert - very often bakes at home in his "old oven". And as Ronni says: "it is difficult to make nice home-baked sourdough bread without baking steel. The baking steel is more flexible, and can be used for all kinds of bread, flutes and buns".

We have therefore developed our own baking steel with Simpel Surdejs logo. The baking steel has been developed in collaboration with a local forge.

Remember that the baking steel must be thoroughly heated before it is ready for use. Usually it takes 45-60 min. at min. 225 degrees. Baking steel is a must in any sourdough home - and do not forget that baking steel provides the best pizza base. It can of course be used on the grill.

How to use baking steel for sourdough bread - watch video

Weight: approx. 6 kg.

Measures: 35x40 cm.

Thickness: 6 mm. solid steel

Due to the weight, the baking steel can not be delivered directly to the door, but to the nearest parcel shop.

NB - be aware that rust may occur on the baking sheet. It has no bearing on the actual function of the baking steel. The rust is easily removed with a cloth or a little steel wool if there is a lot. Then remember to lubricate with a little cooking oil, then it is almost like new again. There may also be small scratches from handling that are impossible to avoid. It has no effect on the function. Bake the plate off and apply a little cooking oil, and the baking steel works perfectly.