Proofing baskets / bannetons

To bake the perfect sourdough bread, you need a good proofing basket. On this page you can see our selection of proofing baskets and the cloth. We use all the products you find on this page ourself in the bakery.

A banneton or proofing basket makes it easy for you to bake a long-leavened sourdoughbread. All our bannetons are produced in pressed wood, with materials from sustainable forestry.

Proofing baskets with cloth fabric

The advantage of using a rising basket with cloth fabric is that you ensure a good non stick feeling when you need to release the dough, as you can be sure that the dough does not stick. Therefore, it is always recommended that if you are a beginner, then you should use a banneton with fabric. Then you get the same great result every time you bake.

The fabric can be easily and simply washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees. This way you can recycle your cloth many times and it is the best environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Extra information on proofing baskets

You can read more about our different bannetons for sourdoughbread by clicking on the products below. Here it will be stated how much dough the basket is suitable for.