Bench knive / dough cutter

Here you can see our selection of beautiful bench knives / dough cutters. Here you can buy a unique bench knife, as our design is produced in collaboration with local carpenters. This makes each bench knife 100% unique.

What is a bench knife?

A bench knife has many different names such as dough spatula, dough scraper or dough knife. All names characterize the same thing - just a dough cutter. It is used in all its simplicity to make your work with dough easier.

A dough cutter is used for:

  • Can be used to cut buns / bread.
  • Divide bigger doughs
  • Shaping bread
  • Cleaning tables and baking trays

The different names for it are due to the fact that it can be used for several different things. It makes your baking with sourdough significantly easier, as you can remove dough with it if it sticks. 

Wooden bench knives

All our bench knives are designed in sustainable scandinavian wood. We offer several popular varieties so you can choose the woodtype that suits you best.

The dough cutter itself has a steel plate of the finest steel on the market, which is attached to the wood with brass screws. The wood is made by our carpenter, and we have fine tuned it to get the ergonomic hand feeling. We have incorporated both design and functionality into this one product.

Our wood comes from Scandinavian sustainable forestry.

Cleaning the dough cutter

Since we have chosen to design them in wood, you can not wash them in a dishwasher. Instead, wash them by hand. It's relatively easy if you start by wiping it off. You should not soak it as you risk damaging the wood as it absorbs water.

Our recommendation is that you clean your bench knife every single time you have used it.

You can see our entire selection of dough cutters here. We provide international shipping for low costs.