Flour and Grains

We are working together with the best farmers in Denmark who are growing organic crops and grains we can use for our sourdough bread. An old favorite and friend of ours, Mejnerts Mill with the slogan "From soil to mouth" is located in the west of Zealand. Mejnerts is a family-run organic farm growing their own crops. Mejnerts Mill is involved in all parts of the flour production, from field to mill – from soil to mouth and respectfully considering the environment.

1500 solar panels on the roofs of all agricultural buildings produce electricity for the production in the mill. The waste products from the mill are used in a big stoker that can produce necessary heat for the buildings and the grain dryer. All these actions emphasizes sustainability and they are a part of the full circle production.

At Mejnerts Mill their main task is to produce and distribute healthy foods. When the grain has been harvested, it is cleaned, dried and stocked. This is how to preserve taste, quality and the formidable baking characteristics of the grain.
The grain is cold stone-milled in the oldschool way. Stone milling gives less heat development during the grinding process, the good quality, the vitamins and proteins are kept safe. At the same time preserving the germ and husk, which is so important for the breads flavour, nutrient content and structure.

You can read more about obout Mejnerts on their site and order from their shop.

Mejnerts - From soil to mouth